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At MuscleAthletes.com, we believe that lifting weights is a way of life and basic part of every sport. Eating healthy, working out, building muscles and staying fit should be integral part of everyone's lifestyle. That's why we created this friendly and supportive community for muscle people from all over the world. The idea of ​​the site is to help motivate, support, and encourage those of you that want to get fit or already are fit. Our goal is to bring together bodybuilders, fitness models, promoters, crossfitters, photographers, athletes and fit people. We will try to make this site your guide to body sculpting, gaining muscle, losing fat, bodybuilding diets, bodybuilding nutrition, best muscle building supplements, cardio, fat loss, weight training, bodybuilding competitions, teenage bodybuilding, womens bodybuilding and weight lifting. Join and express yourself through photos & videos of your muscle and fitness accomplishments. Registration is free!

Welcome to the one of the finest online bodybuilding community!

Muscle Athletes - FREE bodybuilding & fitness community for bodybuilders, fitness models, athletes, personal trainers and fitness lovers. Create your body profile today!

Muscle Athletes is a new community dedicated to fitness, bodybuilding, crossfit, calisthenics and other physique sports as part of our lifestyle.

Takes a lot of time, money, dedication and hard work to meticulously sculpt an extremely lean and cut physique. If you are ready to build a muscular body or if you have already built a competition-worthy body, there is no better website than muscleathletes.com This web place is for anyone who wants to share his extreme dedication to diet and muscle craft. Or even just search for information to pack on pounds of muscles with workouts. You can create your own body profile, meet and follow professional bodybuilders, fans of bodybuilding, personal trainers, fitness athletes, fitness models or just inspirational athletic guys. Unlike other blogging and social communities, Muscle Athletes allows you to create and share your content, and then sit back and watch the level of interest grow on a moment by moment basis! Muscle Athletes as a combination of microblog, normal blog and social media allows users to share their content with thousands of recipients immediately and with little effort. Our goal is to help motivate and inspire you to stay fit and reach all of your goals. We encourage everyone to post their gym workouts, diet, achievements and challenges.

With MuscleAthletes.com you can:
  • Share workout tips, healthy recipes, all kind videos including calisthenics and crossfit workouts
  • Create your own workout with your favorite’s fitness or bodybuilding exercises. Plan your exercises for each day.
  • Log and manage your food intake, exercise and weight. It gives you the ability to see the nutritional composition of more than 3000 different kinds of foods and the calorie expenditure of more than 180 different types of exercises.
  • Help to others lose weight, get stronger and live better
  • Connect with workout partners, personal trainers, groups, health clubs and events.
  • Discuss diets and dieting, nutritional advice, workout routines, exercise and more.
  • Post source for exercise or health and nutrition advice with information on building muscle mass, weightlifting and sports nutrition.
  • Build your own Network of Contacts who share your interests
  • Use built in communication services; Stay motivated and energized
  • Create Classified Ads and get responses
  • Create Blogs or blog your progress, transformation, exercises and workout log
  • Create your own Events or attend other Member's Events
  • Create and invite people with similar interests to join at your club
  • Read or write reviews and articles about: fitness products, fitness services, people, places or experiences
  • Reading or posting text, audio, or video posts, and articles about: fitness, bodybuilding, calisthenics (street fitness), crossFit.
  • Rate your physique, and physique photos
  • Share training tips and ask questions about working out. Create photo albums with your: personal gym photos, physique photos, body transformation photos, muscle motivation photos. Visualize your muscle progress
  • Track your body progress and maximize your results with our gym workout tracker
  • Plan and Access your gym workouts Anywhere Anytime!
  • Rate and review various bodybuilding supplements. Check out Reviews and ratings on all the best muscle building supplements! Get solid advice on bodybuilding supplements before you go to the supp store.
  • Whether you want to be a fitness model, bodybuilder, crossfiter or just in great shape, learn some tips here
    5 Good reasons to Join
  • Get to know people with the same interest as you
  • Videos, photos, advices directly from members to members
  • Get information about all physique sport events
  • Just started and is constantly evolving and growing
  • For those who register it's totally free!
  • Enjoy the world of physique sports with your friends and reach your goals. Create groups, upload videos and communicate with members of the bodybuilding community.
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10/30/2015 6:00 am | IFBB - Mr. Olympia Amateur England
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Miami Pro Universe Amateur Championships 2015
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Introducing the new Muscle Athletes Community

MuscleAthletes - community with an aim to provide support and guidance to people of all ages who have interest in exercising with a key focus on bodybuilding, fitness, CrossFit and calisthenics.
Bodybuilding community for any man or woman whose goal in life is to pursue absolute physical perfection of their bodies.

Join muscleathletes.com and be part of the new bodybuilding social network site that is fully dedicated and exclusive for bringing likeminded individuals, groups, and people who share a dedication to fitness, calisthenics (street workout), CrossFit, bodybuilding as sport and muscle building as a major fitness activity.

Currently featuring:

Bodybuilding and Fitness Community

Community for those who practice Bodybuilding, Fitness, Street Workout and CrossFit.

Physique photos and albums

Post pictures of your body progress or videos of your workouts for constructive criticism or to motivate others.

Fitness related events and blogs

Create your own fitness events or blogs, inviting just your friends or the entire community!

Muscle Athletes Community

Connect with a global network of Muscle Athletes members, personal trainers, and staff to be motivated and to motivate others!

Gym Tracker

Plan, track, and analyse your daily exercise and activities. Easily log your caloric intake with the diet tracker.

Bodybuilding Videos

Watch, Upload, and Share your own bodybuilding, or progress videos.